Car Wash

car wash

Car Wash
At eni, we take environmental protection seriously. All cleaning products used are non-polluting. Furthermore, the product recycling policy implemented in all eni washing stations helps protect the environment. A recycling rate close to 90%.
In autumn and winter in particular, washing your car is more important than you may think. Your car is more visible when it is clean, which makes you safer.
Some drivers still think that manual washing is more suitable for vehicles. However, the relatively small quantities of water used to wash a car by hand combine with the dirt accumulated during washing to form an aggressive, even abrasive mixture, which is liable to leave a number of small scratches and reduce the thickness of the paintwork.
Automatic washing on the other hand uses up to 300 litres of water, ensuring that dirt particles are removed from the vehicle with maximum efficiency, and avoiding the abrasive effect of manual washing.