Sp98tech+ and Dieseltech+ are part of the new generation ENI TECH+ fuels that have only advantages!

Sp98tech+ is a new innovative additive gasoline designed to improve engine performance. It guarantees optimal combustion and a reduction in CO2 emissions, thanks to its action on the injection system. The cleanliness of the injectors ensures a long life and excellent performance for gasoline engines.


Hydrocarbons produced from crude oil through distillation at 35-210 degrees Celsius. Petrol for engines is produced by enriching distilled oil (through physical or chemical changes during the refining process, such as desulphurisation); in Switzerland, only unleaded petrol has been used since 1997.


Buy DieselTECH+ at the same price as standard diesel : a product of eni research, is available in Switzerland and in Liechtenstein. A product based on eni research, is designed to improve the performance of all engines. Even power distribution increases engine response and buoyancy, reducing vibration and noise and making the engine operate more smoothly. It ensures optimal combustion and reduces emissions, thanks to the way it interacts with the injection system. High-performance injectors save fuel and cut maintenance costs. DieselTECH’s actions increase engine efficiency, leading to significantly reduced consumption.


LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is a mixture of hydrocarbons which have the property of existing as gases at atmospheric pressure, turning to liquid at ambient temperature under moderate pressure. LPG is derived from natural gas creation and the refining of crude oil; on the market it is sold as a mixture as commercial propane or butane and makes up around 5% of natural gas: it is separated immediately after extraction of the untreated gas, which mainly contains methane. LPG is an energy source with “low environmental impact".

Natural gas

Natural gas is an energy source with “low environmental impact‘, which can satisfy the most varied of needs. This is a “biocompatible" fuel, nitrous oxide emissions are lower than those produced from burning coal, fuel oil, diesel or petrol; emissions of sulphur dioxide, particulates and other harmful substances are negligible. In each case, for the same amount of energy produced, natural gas produces less carbon dioxide (on average 25 to 40% less) compared with other fuels from fossil sources such as petrol and diesel.

Bio-Ethanol E85

E85 is an innovative fuel, containing 85% ethanol, with the remaining 15% made up of unleaded petrol. In Switzerland, wood is the most important source material; E85 is manufactured exclusively from Swiss wood waste. Eni Suisse S.A. is keen, helping to reduce levels of CO2 emissions from fossil fuels.



Most diesel engines are used in trucks, agricultural machinery and construction machinery. All these applications have completely different operating requirements and operating parameters. There are also products with standard performance profiles that are necessary to ensure moderate maintenance costs for older and less modern vehicles.


Eni i-Sint is a range of high-performance products that meet the requirements of the latest automotive engines. The product range includes lubricants specially designed for the latest generation engines and can also be used on vehicles equipped with diesel particulate filters.


Innovation, Technology and Excellence for all types of two-wheels : i-ride, a range of lubricants specially developed to guarantee your engine the highest performance, even in extreme conditions.



Summer detergent, ready-to-use solution, biodegradable. Removes and cleans way silicon and insect residues. Winter detergent, ready-to-use solution, biodegradable. With just a few flicks of the windscreen wipers, the winter dirt and grime are swept away. Suitable for wide-angle nozzles. Winter formula protects down to -22°C

Coolant liquid

G11 Protection up to - 38 °. For petrol and diesel engines. The coolant liquid, silicate based, provides high protection against corrosion and helps dissipate heat perfectly.