Card AgipPlus

Eni cards

AgipPLUS : the ideal customer card for individuals and small businesses
You can collect without cash 24 hours a day at 285 Eni service stations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. You receive the statement at the beginning of the month and have until the end of the month to pay it. The AgipPLUS card is the ideal fuel card for your employees. We can give you a preferential offer on behalf of your company in order to provide additional, specific benefits to your employees.      

Multicard : the right solution for professionals                                                                                                                    
The multicard is our response to the needs of fleet managers (light vehicles or heavy trucks), large groups of companies, SMEs or traders (starting from 12,000 litres per year and paying bills by direct debit). More than just a fuel card, the multicard helps you to streamline your expenses by reducing your management costs and speeding up your VAT refunds. The multicard network can be used at more than 18,000 service stations displaying the Eni  ARAL, BP, OMV and CIRCLE K signs in Europe. In Switzerland, there are more than 680 service stations ready to welcome you.